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Information and Contact

Julian is a naturalist and biologist. From the age of 8 years he collected animals and plants. By 18 yrs he had an extensive collection of mounted insects, animal skins and artifacts. About this time it was suggested that he should photograph rather than kill! This was 1969. Starting with a Zenit E and very cheap secondhand lenses he taught himself to take closeup photos. Lack of funds made him buy cheap lengths of film and learn darkroom techniques for processing. Also at this time he was at London University - Royal Holloway College - and the zoology department allow him access to their darkroom out of hours. By 1976 he upgraded to a Minolta 101 and the wildlife collection continued but now in the form of negatives and 35 mm transparencies. 1980 saw a dramatic change with automated cameras and better lens and macro gear. Embracing digital with early Fuji bridge cameras in 1999 before a complete switch to Canon DSLRs in 2003.

Although the collection of photographic equipment is ridiculously monumental (3 large camera rucksacks full, mainly due to the wide range of photography) still THE most important thing is the biology and nature.

Today after a working lifetime of biology he is retired which provides many more opportunities for biology, travel, photography and writing.

Julian also runs courses at several locations in the UK: Slapton in Devon and Dale in Wales. They cover three days of tuition in macro photography, extreme close-ups and focus stacking techniques. It is very practical and involves a number of trips out into the local areas.

He lives in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire in west Wales, UK..