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Techniques and Methods

Much has been written about close-up and macro photography. The first of these can be easily done with most cameras and lenses. The mating dragonfly image below was taken with a 70-200mm zoom lens with an extension tube. It is a close-up photo not macro. True macro means that the subject is the same size as the image that appears on the sensor, which is a ratio of 1:1. The robber fly below is a true macro photo, so the magnification is x1, or 1:1. The dragonfly is more likely 1:4, a magnification of around a quarter.

This part of the website is about going beyond macro to magnifications up to 20:1 or x20. The moth below is 2:1, x2 magnification.

There are two parts to consider, click on the links below:

1. Achieving a higher magnification than macro - Extreme Close-up Photography

2. Achieving a greater depth of field - Focus Stacking